Travel essentials for India.

India also known as the Republic of India, Is located in the South Asia, It is 7th largest country by area and secures 2nd position in being the most populated countries in the world. As of 2019 India has 28 States and 9 union territories.

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Such wide population makes culture in India very vibrant, although people from all the religion, cast and gender lives peacefully. The country has a motto of ” Unity in Diversity”.

It is said that the culture in India changes at every 400 km i.e.  How people talk, dress and what they eat changes. But the one thing that remains constant is that the how the people in India treat you: Well they are very welcoming and helpful in nature besides this it is always a chance you may get scammed in India.

This is the reason why it is essential for you to know the travel tips and travel essential. Whether, you are a person from Indian origin or a person travelling from any other part of the world.

This travel essential for India is a must to read blog for the tourist or people travelling to India from their native country.

It is often seen that tourist from United States of America, Germany, Australia, United kingdom or some other country gets cheated while roaming the streets.

Remember there is always a scope of negotiation with Indian shopkeepers, product dealers and sellers.

The list of Essential Travel Items to Pack When Travelling to India

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Sun screen: Well the climate in India is mostly shinny and moist. The direct sun rays can actually cause you severe sun burns on the screen hence it is advised to always have a pack of sun screen creams in your ready to go bag or shack. 

The travelling places are often dusty hence it is also advised to have few tissues and dust masks with you.

Identification proof: If you are a foreigner guest travelling to India. It is suggested to have a copy of all of your important documents with you. Always stay connected with government help desk for foreign tourist and with your embassy.  

People from India visiting any different state for vacation or work related trip. You can download Digi locker on your mobile, you can save a digital copy of your Aadhar card, Pan Card, Driving license or any other important document.

This mobile application is recognized by Government of India and it can be used for the verification purposes.

Toiletries: Toiletries are nothing but the articles and items that can be used to take care of your body for the hygiene purpose such as face wash, shampoo, soap etc.  

Although all big hotels, motels, guest house and PG offers these things but on a safer side it is necessary for you to have them at least a miniature version of it while you are travelling in India.  

Extension Board: The electrical plugs in Indian hotels can differ from the plugs in your home.

So if you are vlogger, Blogger or a person with lot digital devices it is good to have a Portable Charger, plug board & Power Surge Protector

You’ll be using your devices all day along few of the cities in India has major electricity problems hence a power surge is perfect to encounter any unfortunate events with your electronic devices.

Also having a power bank is necessary if you are travelling to rural region of India: Usually solo travelers use apps like Google maps, Uber, Ola or zomato all day hence having a power source is necessary.

Filtered Water Bottle: The water is another essential thing; since the climate in Indian is usually hot one can easily get dehydrated by travelling across the cities.

The packaged drinking water is available on all the regions but it’ll just increase your travelling expense.

The drinking water from taps or other sources are not safe to drink for foreigner people.

Since their immune system might not have the proper immunity to fight with the bacteria’s present in water.

Therefore,having a portable filtered water bottle is necessary. You can always find one on amazon.

First-aid kid: This one thing is not always recommend but it is always good to have this with you, you can opt for either a portable one or a full size depending on the number of travelers you are travelling with.

If you are on any sort of medication and you are carrying it with you have a perception pad of it with you the customs or border officials may occasionally ask for it. 

Your first aid Kit should have: Bandages, antibacterial creams, dressing material, cotton and savlon or Dettol liquid to clean wounds.

In case of medical emergencies always rush towards hospital don’t be a medico.

Cash: It is always good to have cash in Hand while travelling in India, but it is strongly advised not to carry a big amount of cash with you. The Indian currency has 2000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 rupee note. Don’t carry big notes with you it would be difficult for you to get change in some places.

Always count your money twice when receiving it from someone. Never put all of your cash in one place it is highly recommend to store cash in multiple pockets, In a way if any pic pocket incident happens with you’ll have some of the money with you.

Eat hygienic:  The Indian food is extremely spicy and it can affect your blow moments heavily besides this the famous street food is not always prepared in the most hygienic way.

American Tourists often complains about the Upset stomach.

Do not eat heavy food and from unhygienic sources.

If you are comfortable with franchise fast food go for McDonald’s, Domino’s, Burger king, KFC.

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  1. Everything you’ve written is so true. Healthy food is a must! Also, the pick pocket and the medicines are a great piece of info for the people who don’t know about India! Thanks for the information.

  2. Oh I love KFC. These are good tips for someone visiting India for the first time. Being an Indian, I took 4 years to get used to the lifestyle and all when I shifted base back to India.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a informative articles. Last time we enable to charge our devices due to extension. Now we always carry extension board with us.

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