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Then and now Ghatkopar Ratings

Ambience 5/5
Food 4/5
Staff Behavior 5/5
Hygiene 4/5
Presentation 5/5

Ghatkopar is always considered as the hub of veg street food. From Frankie’s, dhabeli, dosas to the sandwich, Chinese or kicha Ghatkopar has seen all of it.Not only that, the streets of Ghatkopar has a better Jain version of them too.

Now a restaurant in Ghatkopar is serving exact same food with innovations coming from experience and taste of a 5-star restaurant. then and now Ghatkopar has turned your traditional dishes and Street food items into something you wouldn’t believe that can be done and they didn’t stop at that they have also created this lovely ambience that would make you believe that you are dining in a vintage restaurant. Same as the one you have seen in the movies.
Keeping the Jain culture in mind the Chef has prepared a specialized Jain menu for the foodies belonging to that community.

Are you a Chai fan?

Well, the good news is that then and now cafe of Ghatkopar has a separate listing for innovative beverages created using chai isn’t that great.
Well- well they haven’t stopped there, the similar convention is with Coffee, soup and chilled drinks.
Although I haven’t tried any of their Milkshake or chocolate shake a sneak peek to another table gave me a rough idea that what they are preparing with chocolate has no competition nearby.

Mushroom soup Then and now.

With the touch of modernization in every aspect of our life, we somewhere are losing our roots to the past. The passage of time is one sure thing in life, the changes happen and life goes on but it is equally important for us to remember the best the time we had.

Café/restaurant then and now in Ghatkopar dose, exactly the same for you; authentic Indian and western food is served with modern day customization, while the taste of the food touches your soul the Rustic ambience reminds you of the cheerful days our elders have lived.

Then and now in Ghatkopar is purely theme based café, if you are one like me who was born after the 1990s then this place is highly recommended for you. Then and now has three tire seating that depicts the Era of the early seventies, eighties and nineties.

It is a full-size restaurant since it can accommodate up to 50 people, Thankfully both Air-conditioned and non-air conditioned seating’s are available at the place.

The place looks and feels nostalgic from the Ambience, cutleries, to the dress of staff it all reminds you about the golden ear our forefathers has lived. The vintage decorative objects placed on the wall shelves make your experience more realistic.
The sealing light just contrasts up with the wooden worked interior of the café.

Then and now menu

The menu of then and now Ghatkopar is simply amazing as I mentioned earlier they have recreated the traditional food items, yet the naming of the dishes is kept simple.
simply by reading the name of the dish you can get a rough idea about what it is going to be, Furthermore to that they’d also mentioned the ingredients used in the preparation of the dish.
Big thumbs up to the team then and now for that.

It is extremely hard for one person to go through all the dishes described in the menu. To save the day they have their super professional manager, who knows the requirements of the people,
He can truly help you in the finalization of the food items.
Then Jain food is also included in the menu of then and now, It is casual to see restaurants and cafes offering Jain food but what’s special is that they have also improvised the Jain version of food in the best ways one can. if you are looking up for the best Jain restaurant in Ghatkopar, then and now café can be your one-stop solution.

The vegetarian Kababs and the bunny chow pav bhaji is highly recommended.

The most memorable incident of mine at- then and now Ghatkopar.

An elderly couple entered the café while I was enjoying my full course menu, They ordered really fast and thus it occurred to me that they are pretty regular to this place and hence out of curiosity I asked them “ sir are you pretty familiar with this place ? ”.
He smiled and replied yes, I am coming here for the third time.
His reason justified his regularity to the cafe.
He said he has created enough memories in the golden era on the 90s and now he is just reliving them.

The flick review of- then and now Ghatkopar by the flicker foodie.

My personal experience at the place was way too amazing.
I simply loved every inch of the cafe, to be honest, it is decorated with perfection.

They must have applied hours and hours of man work to come up with such an astounding environment.
The taste of food was up to the mark and beyond my expectations, the interior is very lively too be more precise also they have created an exact same replica of the restaurant that used to exist in the mid of 80s and 90s.

Staff is very welcoming you can actually feel the warmth in their services.

The improvisation of the traditional food items is not something new.
In fact, it is never about what you do but it’s all about how you do it and one thing I can conclude for sure is that the cafe is doing it at it’s best.

I have been to a lot of places in Mumbai which offers thematic decors but then and now in Ghatkopar is my new personal favorite.

My food journey to the restaurant comprised of a full course meal including starters, cappuccino, soups, western Quick bite, drinks, and desserts.

The flavor full food, the presentation, lively music, and perfect calm environment boosted my mood.
The huge ultra HD screens in the cafe where showing a comparison of places on earlier how they used to be and now how they are,
I don’t know and didn’t bother to ask the management about if they can live stream matches or sports events in those life-size television screens. It’ll be one of its kind in Ghatkopar and since they don’t serve alcoholic beverages or non-vegetarian the people with there families can enjoy some happy time while enjoying the live matches aside.

I am sure they’ll come out with such ideas from time to time,

I have clicked a bunch of images of the cafe do watch them, i
I’ll provide the address below do visit once if you are a fan of the golden era of the 90s.

Then and now Ghatkopar address: Mukteshwari Building Sindhu wadi near Vikrant circle Ghatkopar east Mumbai.

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