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How to grow your Food blogging page on Instagram.

Instagram is a marvelous platform to connect with the world.
It has become the new Face of social media.

The media type supported on this platform is type Image and video.
One can easily build a user base just by being regular to its content and true to its audience.

The multinational brands understand the power of Instagram.
The way it connects with the user is just impressive.
The images or video content places a visual impact on your memory for a long duration.
Since the length of a video is limited the user never gets bored.

The big brands realized the power of Insta too soon and since then there marketing strategy and audience outreach have grown readily.

It’s almost the start of 2020 if till now you haven’t realized the perks of insta. You seriously enjoy the caveman’s life. While it is very complex to understand Instagram’s algorithm for the highest reach.

It is proportionally simpler to start an account on Instagram.

This post is particularly about growing or increasing your food blogging page on Instagram.

But readers can use these pointers and grow there channel on some other niche.

Before that, you should know what are the be perks of being a food blogger 

How to grow food page on Instagram –

The first thing first is to create a catchy bio of yourself.
Your Instagram bio should be a reflection of your self
i.e. what you are?
What do you do?

You can get the best ideas for bio-creation from

Second start creating content for the channel.
Back in 2015 – 16 Instagram was all about pictures but later on they introduced videos (1min length max), after that IGTV (for long length videos)
Insta provides you the facility to upload media in multiple formats.

You can upload images of Food l, restaurant, cafe, street food, drinks, cocktails, mocktails or anything you want. Or you can create short recipe videos and upload them on IGTV
The main agenda is to create dynamic content for the user.

Third As mentioned your main focus should be on how to create eye catchy content so that a person will spend more and more time on your profile.

Years back it was way to simpler to get a good user base on IG but not with the increasing competition it has become very difficult.

A survey said that there are more than 100K+ existing food niche profiles on Instagram, and this number is growing rapidly. The Images taken in High resolution and are more vibrant than others will only help you to grow.

Fourth Connect with people in the same category as you are.
Theses will be the people who’ll help you to grow your profile.
Exchange Shootouts with them, encourage them to engage with your content.

Like and comment on the posts relating to your content.
Try to leave comments on celebrity post and by far the most important be regular.

Fifth Use # tags or hashtags on every post of yours.
The primary use of hashtags is that it categorizes your images or video, now if anyone in the world searches for that tag.

There is a probability that they’ll find your post under that tag.
For example, if I use the Tag #foodlovers on any of my images. Then all the images with the same tag can be seen together
The images with hashtags will draw a huge amount of audience to your profile.

It is your content that develops a random profile visitor into a follower. The content on your page should be this dynamic that it makes a visitor follow you.

The number of food bloggers on Instagram has increased tremendously in the previous few years, you should make sure that your profile is getting visitors from all over the web.

I would personally suggest you run ads on Facebook and Instagram. If your content is more videos centric than YouTube will be another great alternative for you.  

Key points to remember while Uploading Food Images on Instagram.

  1. Always upload images in High quality.
  2. Use a catchy caption on your Images.
  3. You can be descriptive in the caption area.
  4. Use geotags, i.e. location where the image was clicked.
  5. Hash tags are must use hash-tag such as #food #foodblogging #instafoods # foodie etc.
  6. Encourage your jaundice to provide feedback on the comment section .

Follow these points and you’ll soon see your profile having a skyrocketing portfolio on Instagram.Learn how to become a Food Blogger on Instagram -> Click here.

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