How to become a food Blogger.

Ever wondered how much does a food blogger earn monthly or annually? Or planning up to be the next biggest food influencer or just want to know the perks of being a social media influencer.
Well, you have landed to the perfect place I am @theflickerfoodie will walk you through the journey of being a food blogger. Most of the methods that I am going to tell you are used by hundreds and thousands of food bloggers on a daily basis.
As one has said its best to start from scratch, So you better don’t have to worry.

A recent study showed that one of the most emerging jobs or part-time works are all internet based,
Youth is getting attracted to internet-based jobs,
While these jobs are flourishing and are becoming one of the highest paying jobs globally, There is a high probability your family might think you are not doing a real job.
So the first step to becoming a successful food blogger or Social media influencer is to ignore such people and their mentality. You should understand a borderline between criticism and discouragement,
People can be discouraging, but as a food blogger, your primary concern should be about creating the perfect content for your audience.

To start your journey to become a successful food blogger you must first start-up with creating social media kits for yourself. To begin first you have to come up with a unique name you can use adjectives on food and travel niche some of them are mentioned below
(Try out varations with such words such as Flakeyfoodie, Butteryblogger,Chewychoice, zingyzest etc. )

Use the words that best define you once you have a name start creating your social media kit.
One of the thing that you should note down is you have to try out a few combinations before you get a perfect username.
Once you have it begin with creating

  1. An email id out of it ([email protected] or [email protected] etc.).
  2. Create an Instagram account. You have to upload food related Content on it. it’ll provide an idea about your niche to your users. don’t forget to use the hashtags (e.g. #food,#foodies,#Mumbai foodies etc .)
  3. Create an account on Zomato or LLB.
  4. Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above you are all set for starting up your blogging carrier.

Now that you are done with creating media kits for you. You have to start working on them,
For Instagram

  1. Start by uploading food pics on your account, you may also upload videos. The videos can get more viral as compared to simple pictures.
  2. Like and comment on the posts uploaded by various bloggers of the same niche. Crate engagement on your channel. The more the number of likes and followers on your account means more chances of getting bloggers table.
  3. Follow Top cafes, bars, restaurants and food outlets of your city. Depending on your work they can call you up for review.
    For Google
  4. Now that you have an email id with a food adjective on it start reviewing streets, shops, food outlets, and Rank up in becoming a local guide. One thing you should always remember while posting a review is that Always provide an honest review and it should be based on your personal experience.
  5. A review is very much valuable for the commuters to make sure you write an honest one, with simple language that is understandable to all.
    For Zomato and LLB
  6. Same as you write a review on Google you can also use these two marvelous applications. While LLB can accommodate reviews based upon your shopping and food experience, zomato solely focuses on food.
  7. A zomato review can give you 25 points for a review and 2 points each for the location pics which should not exceed more than 10. The zomato community guidelines are very strict if they’ll ever found out that the review or photos that you have uploaded are plagiarised or doesn’t follow their community guidelines they’ll immediately remove it.
  8. Several red flags may result in the permanent termination of the account so beware of it.
    Start working on these social media kits by gaining points once you’ll reach a specific level.
    The restaurants will start calling you for reviewing their outlet. They’ll connect you through their PR, via your social media kit or personal numbers.
    They can call you for the tasting of new food items that they are going to introduce in the menu in the coming months. Or sometimes just for reviewing the outlet.

The brands that produce packaged food articles may also contact you for the promotion of their product on your social media handles. They can give free samples or sometimes even money if you have a huge engagement. The primary sources of income for several YouTube stars are the paid promotions.

The Influencers with massive audience charges a huge monetary sum to the brands, To be honest, I have seen bloggers making some real money out of this profession and also people who are just doing it for fun.
No matter whatever you do, you must always have to remember that your network is your net worth.
Stay connected with your followers and loyal with your work and you’ll see yourself growing in this field.

Feel free to shoot up your queries in the comment section will be happy to answer them If you have any question related to food blogging, Blogging, or digital marketing connect me through my media kits and ping with your questions and queries.
On the next blog, I’ll write the tips for becoming a successful PR for Mumbai based restaurants.

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  2. Fooodforthehungrysoul

    Loved the article. Even I am a food blogger, and I must say that the one who is just starting their journey genuinely has a lot of questions and most of them have been answered here.
    I had to go through a lot of research on different sites when I started, how I wish I came across your blog them. Good luck and stay blessed.

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