Food blogging a profitable business.

When I first entered the grounds of food blogging this was the very first question that struck me.

Some other follow up question where

How much does a food blogger earn?

What are the investments in food blogging?

Is food blogging a real job?

All my questions were answered when I first entered the fields of food blogging.

I was Fortunate enough because the professionals of the industry helped me out with the exploration part and as I write the blog I should admit most of the things were offered to me on a silver platter.

Hence I have gathered up all my information on how to become a food blogger

Do check out the link

Well, the other big question that came with the idea of me starting a food blog was– Food blogging is profitable?

The answer may vary from person to person.

If tasting the food at the high-end restaurant at no cost seems a profitable thing to you or trying the beat samples before their launch is something you count as profit then yes Food blogging is a profitable business.
Well off course you get a free treat in few of the most exotic restaurants of your town, adding more to that your words mean a lot to them any advice, suggestion or complaint from you can take direct consideration from higher management.

The food tasting sessions or restaurant reviews are never monetary-based since it is considered that the paid reviews are very much biased and cannot provide an honest opinion to the paying customer.
Big food blogging communities like Zomato takes such incidents very seriously. well, cheers to that, after all as a responsible food blogger it should be your priority to provide the best to your end audience.
While there is no actual money involved in the blogging process one can earn a living out by becoming a social media influencer,
The brand pays way too much on product promotion. A simple Instagram post can cost around 3000 to 15K INR. likewise, the community has different rates chart for various platform, from YouTube, Facebook, snap chat, twitter to tik tok the higher you have engagement, the higher you’ll get paid.
Many housewives have made this as their full-time business since everything is internet-based they can do something on their own and can provide time to their families simultaneously.

The conclusion is, food blogging can be very profitable but you have to open your scopes  and don’t hesitate while trying new things out,

self-shaming shouldn’t bother you while trying anything new.

Keep all this in mind and within months you can earn actual money, At any point just don’t lose hopes.

Something good will surely happen to you.

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